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Closure of Georgia care facility shows signs of abuse to look for

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse |

It can be a nightmare scenario when people need to place a loved one in a nursing home and they discover that mistreatment and abuse have taken place. This is not only damaging to the resident in multiple ways, but it is a betrayal of trust. Those who live in these facilities need medication, exercise, care, proper nutrition and a general level of concern from the staff. When this is lacking, it is crucial to put a stop to it. A recent case gives some guidance as to what types of violations might happen.

Georgia facility is closed due to elder abuse

An assisted living center in Georgia was recently closed because of elder abuse. Inspectors had cited this facility for violations at least three times in the past. The investigation began when local law enforcement was informed of patients not getting the care they needed. There were other issues with the facility. After it was closed, former employees began speaking out about work conditions and how they affected patient care.

According to one former employee, she was required to do an overload of work. In one incident, she was ordered to give medication to a patient they were not supposed to get. She was responsible for up to 20 residents at a time with tasks like cooking, serving, medicating, bathing and putting them to bed.

Regarding the violations, three incidents between 2018 and 2020 stoked concern and amounted to a precursor to the problems that led to the closure. Food was not properly stored to keep it from going bad; a patient suffering from dementia did not get the necessary supervision; and the facility had a prominent odor of urine.

As this story became public knowledge, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation provided tips about safety in these facilities. They include understanding how to research a facility’s disciplinary history; getting information as requested directly from the facility; meeting the people who are providing care; visiting consistently and unpredictably; and knowing who to contact for help from the state.

When abuse is discovered, facilities should be pursued in a legal claim

Protecting loved ones who are in a nursing home should be the priority. However, the main issue with nursing home abuse is that the workers have so much time alone with residents and know the schedule that if they want to slack or commit violations, it can be difficult to catch and stop them. Being vigilant is important. Watching for signs and knowing the options available is imperative. Having legal guidance can pursue these facilities for the harm they have inflicted.