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Representing Your Needs In Business And General Litigation

When two parties are not able to resolve a dispute on their own, litigation can become the only option for them to settle things. Instead of trying to make sure your voice is heard by yourself in the courtroom, allow an experienced attorney to act on your behalf. The guidance a skilled business law attorney offers can make the difference in whether or not you are able to present your side of things in your dispute accurately.

When you work with attorney B. Dave Driggers at B. Dave Driggers, PC, you are putting more than 20 years of experience on your side in your business law matter. He knows how to review the key pieces of information in a dispute to build a custom-tailored strategy for his clients. His decades of experience as a negotiator and litigator in Georgia can become a winning edge in any dispute.

Benefiting Businesses

Running a business can be a delicate balance of overseeing business operations and preventing or mitigating legal challenges. Spreading yourself too thin can sacrifice the quality of how you perform both. Instead of trying to take on too much, allow Mr. Driggers to handle the legal aspect of your business. His services can help you with matters involving contract disputes, trade secrets, employment law violation claims, wrongful termination allegations and more.

Probate Litigation Guidance

When a loved one passes on, a very delicate situation presents itself. Upholding the decedent’s last wishes while going through a mourning period can jeopardize the outcome of the probate process. Mr. Driggers can help you with your probate needs in a timely and efficient manner. When family and friends begin challenging the outcome of the will or you just need help avoiding a lengthy probate process, an attorney’s guidance can make all the difference.

Meet With An Experienced Litigator

Attorney Driggers is a published attorney and holds lengthy experience in trial work, business management and business operation. If you need help with litigation services in Mid or South Georgia, choose someone who has the experience to defend your needs. Contact his office in Macon by calling 478-310-4873 or emailing him here to schedule your initial consultation today.