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Compensation after nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse |

When nursing home abuse happens to a loved one, it can be devastating for victims and their families. No one wants a loved one to be harmed in a nursing home which is why families should be familiar with legal protections against nursing home abuse.

Types of abuse

There are several ways that nursing home abuse can manifest itself in victims. Nursing home abuse can look like physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, economic exploitation and neglect. Victims may suffer hitting, intimidation, coerced sexual activity, pressure to turn over their finances and bedsores because of neglect.

A variety of factors can contribute to nursing home abuse and neglect including poorly qualified and inadequately trained staff; employing staff with a history of violence; inadequate numbers of staff; isolation of residents and other factors.

When a patient has suffered from nursing home abuse in a nursing home facility, a personal injury claim for damages may help them recover compensation.


Nursing homes may be liable for damages suffered by resident victims when they have negligently supervised or cared for residents; when they have negligently hired and retained employees; when they have negligently maintained the premises; and when they have negligently selected or maintained equipment. There are also different categories of liability which can include negligence, contract breach, regulatory and even criminal liability.

Though a claim for damages against a nursing home can be complex, it can be an important way of holding facilities accountable when they let their residents be mistreated. They can also be crucial ways for victims and their families to recover the compensation they need to deal with the aftermath of abuse.