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How long must child support be paid in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce can be difficult for everyone in Georgia. From the start, there will be necessary adjustments personally, emotionally and financially. For those with minor children, they will need to think about how custody will be determined, what the visitation schedule will be and how much child support will be ordered.

There are formulas the state uses to decide on child support. There can be deviations. In general, the amount is designed to cover the child’s living arrangements, clothing, medical coverage, schooling and more. A common concern for both parents is the duration of the order. The law addresses this and it is important to understand how this is handled.

What does the law say about child support duration?

Minor children must be supported until they reach the age of majority, which in Georgia is 18. However, there are other circumstances when the duration can extend beyond age 18 or end before the child reaches 18. If the child gets married or is emancipated, the support obligation will end at that time.

While it is not as common as it once was for people under 18 to get married, it does happen. The child might be emancipated when they seek and are approved of being responsible for themselves. They must show they can support themselves and oversee their own finances. If they are on active duty in the military, they can also be emancipated.

The court can use its discretion and order the parents to provide financial support to the child if child has not previously gotten married or was emancipated and is enrolled in a secondary school. A secondary school student can continue being supported until they reach the required age for it to cease. The payments will continue until the child turns 20.

Family law concerns should be addressed with professional assistance

There is no doubt that parents want to support their children. Despite that, there will be questions about the amount of child support that will be paid and for how long. For these and other issues that arise as part of a family law case, it is important to have professional advice. This can ensure that the right amount of support is ordered, it is paid on time and in full, and it ends when the child reaches the age of majority or meets the other requirements for it to continue or conclude.